What is Carpal Tunnel?


Time for another Orthopedic Minute presented by Washington University Physicians.

Hi, I'm Dr. Martin Boyer of Washington University Orthopedics. When I see patients either at the Center for Advanced Medicine or at the Orthopedic Center in Chesterfield, they will often come in with complaints of numbness and tingling in the hand. This is often due to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome which is a condition where the nerve in the hand gets compressed. Patients will often have signs and symptoms of nighttime numbness, weakening and pain that's only relieved either by medication or splint.

If this standard non-operative treatment is not of value in treating this condition, then surgery is often required. It's important that if you have symptoms of hand weakness or numbness and tingling in your thumb, index, middle or ring fingers, that you see an orthopedic hand surgeon.

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