Physician Profile Video: John Clohisy, MD


My specialty is young adult hip and knee reconstructive surgery so I see a lot of patients that need a traditional hip or knee replacement and then the other more unique aspect of my practice, I see a lot of young patients that have a hip problem that is actually pre-arthritic or are early hip problem that we treat with relatively innovative techniques to preserve the hip joint and to give the patient better activity and function at a young age.

Hip resurfacing, we also use in the young patient. We use that most commonly in the very active young male patient and we know that from use of total hip replacement over the past few decades, that that group of patients can wear out a hip replacement relatively quickly. A hip resurfacing is different than a conventional hip replacement in that there's no stem that goes down the femur bone so the ball of the femur bone is capped with a metal cap and then there's a metal socket in the pelvis and that articulation of a metal on metal implant is thought to be more durable in some patients and the patients where it seems to be most beneficial is the very active young male patient. So males who have arthritis and are under the age of 60 years, we consider hip resurfacing.

Over the past decade, that field has really developed in terms of our understanding of hip arthritis and our ability to treat pre-arthritic hip disease. So we now understand that a lot of people that need hip replacement later in life have actually had a hip problem their whole life and now that we understand that relationship, we can diagnose the problem early and we can take care of it early hopefully to prevent pain, increased activity and also prevent arthritis over time.

We have been very careful about developing specialists that think and take care of one part of the body and are absolute experts at that so I think that's our main positive and main strength, is that we provide expert care in each area of the body and you really will get outstanding care and commitment to your care from your healthcare providers.

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