September 07, 2018

Heidi Prather, DOHeidi Prather, DO, along with co-authors Andrew Creighton, DO, Chris Sorenson, PhD, Scott Simpson, MD, Maria Reese, MD, and Devyani Hunt, MD, were recently recognized for their work in a recent study identifying improved treatment for patients dealing with both chronic hip pain and pain-related disorders such as insomnia and anxiety.

The study evaluated 50 hip pain patients aged 18-40 years and 50 gender-and age-matched healthy patients, and found that there was a strong correlation between chronic hip pain in young patients and pain-related disorders such as insomnia and anxiety. If these pain-related disorders are diagnosed and treated early on, the outcome for their hip disorder treatment will be vastly improved, whether treated conservatively or surgically.

Their paper, “Anxiety and Insomnia in Young and Middle-Aged Adult Hip Pain Patients With and Without Femoroacetabular Impingement and Developmental Hip Dysplasia", was awarded Best Research Paper from the Foundation for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Journal. This award goes to manuscripts that make an important contribution to the field of physical medicine and rehabilitation, can be applied to clinical practices, and uses exceptional research methodology. 

Their award will be presented at the Foundation’s Donor Appreciation Reception that will be held Thursday, October 25 at 7pm during the 2018 Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Annual Assembly in Orlando, Florida.

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