Avascular Necrosis (Osteonecrosis) Treatment

Core decompression with stem cell inoculation

A new approach to treat patients with early-stage avascular necrosis is by using stem cells, or bone marrow aspirate concentrate in conjunction with minimally-invasive surgery. Stem cells from the hip are injected into the diseased bone tissue. Are we one of the few centers in the St. Louis area to be using this procedure? 

Can we talk about the core decompression component of surgery and what that is?

Stem Cell Inoculation Procedure

What does the stem cell inoculation procedure involve? 
The technique consists of first obtaining your stem cells from an iliac bone marrow aspiration. Once the cells are ready, a decompression and inoculation of the stem cells in the area of the necrosis is performed in a minimally-invasive surgical procedure. 

Am I a candidate for stem cell inoculation? 
This new technique is only available to patients in the early stages of avascular necrosis. Whether patients are candidates for surgery (and this procedure) depends on how advanced the disease is.

Are there any other treatment options for avascular necrosis in the advanced stages that we can link to here? 

Will I have any limitations after surgery?
After the procedure, patients are sent home from the hospital after a one-night stay. Most patients use crutches to assist with walking for about two weeks. For more information on surgical limitations, read our core decompression frequently asked questions.

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