Crutch Use Instructions

Setting up the crutches:

  • Secure the arm pads and hand grips prior to use.
  • Tighten all hardware (ie. screws and wing nuts) at least once per week.
  • Clean the crutch tips of pebbles and dirt to minimize slipping.
  • Have someone assist you until you master the technique of crutch use.
  • Remove loose rugs and electrical cords from all potential paths to avoid tripping and falling.
  • Replace crutch tips if they should wear out.
  • Be careful on wet indoor surfaces which may be extremely slick. 

To walk with crutches:

  • Put your crutches under your arms and press them against your body.
  • Make sure to bear your weight on your hands, not under your arms.
  • Move the crutches ahead of you approximately 12 inches.
  • Push down on the grips as you step slightly past the crutches, leading with the GOOD LEG.
  • Advance the crutches forward approximately 12 inches; then continue.

To get up from a seated position:

  • Hold both crutches on affected side.
  • Slide to the edge of the chair or seat.
  • Push down on the arm of the chair on the good side.
  • Stand up, then put the crutches under your arms.
  • Press the arm pads into the body.

To sit down:

  • Back up to the chair or seat to within 2-3 inches.
  • Put both crutches in your hand on the affected side, reach backwards for the chair or seat with the other hand.
  • Lower yourself slowly into the chair, bending at the hips.

To go upstairs:

  • Start close to the bottom step, and push down with your hands.
  • Step up to the first step, remembering to lead with your GOOD LEG. (Good leg "UP")
  • Next, step up to the same step with the other foot, making sure to keep the crutches with your affected limb.

To go downstairs:

  • Start at the edge of the step, keeping your hips beneath you.
  • Slowly bring the crutches with your affected limb down to the next step. BAD LEG first down the stairs. (Bad Leg “DOWN”)
  • Be sure to bend at the hips and knees to prevent leaning too far forward, which could cause you to fall.
  • If handrail is available, place both crutches in hand on unaffected side with rail on affected side.
  • Advance hand on rail slightly and place crutches on lower stair.
  • Then advance both legs simultaneously to next stair.

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