Microsurgery Experience

Chang Gung Memorial Hospital – Taoyuan, Taiwan

Dr. Dan Osei, Hand Fellow 2011-12, spent 2 months visiting the Chang Gung Memorial Hospital in Taiwan. Below is what he had to say about this experience:

“As a hand surgeon interested in trauma and microsurgical reconstruction of the upper and lower extremity, this was an area in which I hoped to obtain skills and training. Although not a traditionally strong area in orthopedics, the faculty here at Washington University’s Hand and Upper Extremity Fellowship was excited about the idea and fully supported my desire to get the best possible training. After consulting with top microsurgeons across the country, we identified Chang Gung Medical University in Taiwan as the premier training program for microsurgical reconstruction. Under the leadership of Professors Fu-Chan Wei, David C.C. Chuang and Ming-Hui Cheng, Chang Gung proved to be even better than its formidable reputation. With over 1000 major microsurgical procedures performed every year, their surgical volume is phenomenal. Their commitment to excellence was evident in their creation of a new 26 bed microsurgical intensive care unit that clearly helped to improve the care as well as reduce the morbidity of their patients. Their educational program was also impressive with 3 microsurgery conferences per week and an annual microsurgical symposium co-hosted by Drs. Moran & Mardini at the Mayo Clinic, Rochester.

During 2 months in Taiwan, I saw over 100 microsurgical cases. This included standard free tissue transfer procedures (eg. anterolateral thigh flaps, radial forearm/ulnar forearm flaps, vascularized fibulas), brachial plexus reconstruction, and complex microsurgical procedures such as single or double toe transfer, free functioning muscle transfer, and vascularized joint transfer. By the time my experience abroad was over, I had accumulated a wealth of knowledge that will serve me well as I begin my career. I feel fortunate to train at a hand surgery fellowship where the faculty has both the foresight to recognize the value of such an experience, as well as the generosity and flexibility to help make such an experience a reality.”

  • The surgical experience is observational
  • Two or three free flaps are performed daily including ALT, osteocutaneous fibulas, free radial forearm flaps, ulnar artery flaps and gracilis flaps.
  • NOTE:  The rounds, along with Journal Club lectures, are usually in English and all of the attending surgeons speak English.

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