Externship Program

Externship Program

Washington University Department of Orthopaedics is excited to offer two virtual opportunities to 4th year medical students during the 2020-2021 recruitment season. The two programs are different and complement each other.   

“Ortho Thursdays” casual social event for students. This program is a 4 week program on Thursday night at 8 PM CST.  The program lasts about 1-1.5 hours and includes a short teaching session by one of our residents (similar to something you would hear from them if you were on call in the ED and had a minute to talk about common cases).  The remainder of the time is social time/Q&A. 

The second is our “Virtual Week with Wash U”.  The Virtual Week is a week long program that allows you to participate in conferences and meet with faculty and residents in our program.  We hope to show you how our program works and give insight into rotations, faculty-resident interactions and our medical center.  The week will include overview content about St. Louis and Washington University as well as a virtual tour. 

To express your interest, please email Alisa Cooperstein, Manager of Medical Education, your CV and Step One score. Additional questions: contact Alisa at 314-747-2835.

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