Matthew Smith, MD

Matthew Smith, MD
Assistant Professor, Orthopaedic Surgery

Selected Peer-Reviewed Scientific Articles
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Selected Peer-Reviewed Analytical/Critical Reviews:

Smith MV and Sekiya JK. Hip instability. Sports Med Arthrosc. 2012 June;18(2):108-12.

Smith MV, Wojtys EW, Sekiya JK. How we manage the multiple ligament injured (dislocated) knee. Oper Tech Sports Med. 2011 Mar;19(1):34-41.

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Smith MV, Calfee RP, Baumgarten K, Brophy RH, Wright RW. Upper extremity-specific measures of disability and outcomes in orthopaedic surgery. J Bone Joint Surg. 2012;94(3):277-85.

Non-Peer-Reviewed Manuscripts:

Smith MV, Innocenti MA, Greenfield EM.  “Unlocking the signaling mechanisms behind aseptic loosening.”  Case Orthopaedic Journal.  2004.

Beidelschies, MA, Islam AS, Smith MV, Greenfield EM. “Adherent endotoxin on orthopaedic wear particles acts independently of lipopolysaccharide protein.” Case Orthopaedic Journal. 2006.

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