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Practice Overview

Robert Brophy, MD
Associate Professor

Description of Practice


As a former collegiate and professional athlete, Dr. Brophy understands what it takes to come back from injury.  His practice focuses on the treatment of shoulder and knee injuries and problems in patients from all walks of life.  He especially enjoys treating athletes from any sport, and has a particular interest in injury prevention and treatment for football and soccer players.  In the shoulder, specific areas of interest include shoulder instability, labral tears, SLAP tears, and rotator cuff tears, as well as clavicle and AC joint injuries.  He specializes in arthroscopic procedures, including shoulder stabilization, labral repairs, and rotator cuff repairs.  In the knee, areas of interest are ligament injuries (including ACL tears, PCL tears and knee dislocations), meniscus tears, cartilage injury and patella dislocations.  Common procedures include primary and revision ACL reconstruction, PCL reconstruction, partial meniscectomy, meniscal repair, meniscal transplantation, cartilage repair procedures such as microfracture, OATS, and osteochondral allografts and treatment of OCD, as well as treatment of patellofemoral instability with procedures such as MPFL reconstruction and tibial tubercle osteotomy.

Clinical Office Locations
Center for Advanced Medicine (CAM)
Barnes Jewish Hospital
4921 Parkview Place
St Louis, MO 63110

Washington University Orthopedics / Chesterfield
14532 S. Outer Forty Drive
Chesterfield, MO 63017

Hospital Affiliations
Washington University Orthopedics & Barnes-Jewish Hospital Outpatient Orthopedic Center
Barnes-Jewish Hospital
Barnes-Jewish West County Hospital

Common Procedures


Shoulder and knee arthroscopy; Rotator cuff repair;  Shoulder stabilization; Shoulder labral repair; SLAP repair; AC joint reconstruction; ACL reconstruction; PCL reconstruction; meniscal repair; meniscal transplantation; partial meniscectomy; microfracture; OATS/mosaicplasty; osteochondral allograft; HTO; patella stabilization; tibial tubercle osteotomy; MPFL reconstruction

Common Diagnoses Treated


Rotator cuff tear, shoulder instability, shoulder dislocation, shoulder labral tear, SLAP tear, clavicle fracture, AC joint separation, adhesive capsulitis/frozen shoulder, ACL tear, PCL tear, knee dislocation, multi-ligament knee injury, meniscus tear, articular cartilage injury, chondral defect, OCD, patella dislocation

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