Matthew Silva, PhD

Matthew Silva, PhD
Julia and Walter R. Peterson Orthopaedic Research Professor
Vice Chair of Research, Department of Orthopedic Surgery
Head of Biomechnical Engineering Laboratory
Adjunct Professor - Department of Biomedical Engineering
Co-Director of Research

Selected Publications
1. Silva MJ and Gibson LJ.  Modeling the mechanical behavior of vertebral trabecular bone: effects of age-related changes in microstructure.  Bone 21:191-199, 1997.

2. Silva MJ, Keaveny TM and Hayes WC.  Computed tomography-based finite element analysis predicts failure loads and fracture patterns for vertebral sections.  J Orthop Res 16:300-308, 1998.

3. Gelberman RH, Boyer MI, Brodt MD, Winters SC and Silva MJThe effect of repair site gap formation on the strength and excursion of intrasynovial flexor tendons: an experimental study on the early stages of tendon healing in dogs.  J Bone Jt Surg [Am] 81:975-982, 1999.

4. Silva MJ, Brodt MD, Boyer MI, Morris TS, Dinopoulos H, Amiel D and Gelberman RH.  Effects of increased in vivo excursion on digital range of motion and tendon strength following flexor tendon repair.  J Orthop Res 17:777-783, 1999.

5. Brodt MD, Ellis CB, and Silva MJGrowing C57BL/6 mice increase whole bone mechanical properties by increasing geometric and material properties.  J Bone Min Res 14(12):2159-2166, 1999.

6. Silva MJ, Boyer MI, Ditsios K, Burns ME, Harwood FL, Amiel D, Gelberman RH.  The insertion site of the canine flexor digitorum profundus tendon heals slowly following injury and suture repair.  J Orthop Res 20(3):447-453, 2002.

7. Hsieh Y-F and Silva MJIn vivo fatigue loading of the rat ulna induces both bone formation and resorption and leads to time-related changes in bone mechanical properties and density.  J Orthop Res 20:764-771, 2002.

8. Silva MJ, Brodt MD, Ettner SL.  Long bones from the senescence accelerated mouse SAMP6 have increased size but reduced whole bone strength and resistance to fracture.  J Bone Min Res 17(9):1597-1603, 2002.

9. Koth SP, Hsieh Y-F, Strigel RM, Muller M, Silva MJExperimental and finite element analysis of the rat ulnar loading model - correlations between strain and bone formation following fatigue loading.  J Biomech 37(4):541-548, 2004.

10. Silva MJ, Brodt MD, Ko M, Abu-Amer Y.  Impaired marrow osteogenesis is associated with reduced endocortical bone formation but does not impair periosteal bone formation in long bones of SAMP6 mice.  J Bone Min Res 20(3):419-427, 2005.

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