Roberta Faccio, PhD

Roberta Faccio, PhD
Associate Professor

Selected Publications
M Grano, R Faccio, S Colucci, R Paniccia, N Baldini, A Zambonin Zallone, A Teti:  Extracellular Ca2+-sensing is modulated by pH in human osteoclast-like cells in vitro.  Am J. Physiol., 267:C961C968, 1994.

S Colucci, G Giannelli, M Grano, R Faccio, V Quaranta, A Zambonin Zallone:  Human Osteoclast-like cells selectively recognize laminin isoforms, an event that induces magration and activates Ca2+ mediated signals. J Cell Science, 109;1527-1535, 1996.

R Faccio, M Grano, S Colucci, A Zambonin Zallone, V Quaranta, AJ Pelletier:  Activation of integrin on human osteoclast-like cells stimulates adhesion and migration is response to osteopontin.  Biochem & Biophs Res Comm 249, 2:522-525, 1998.

A Zallone, R Faccio, G Zambonin:  I Bisfosfonati: gruppi di molecole con diversi effetti intracellulari e applicazioni cliniche.  Update on Bisfosfonati 6, 1:3-7, 1999.

R Monno, G Grandaliano, R Faccio, E Ranieri, C Martino, L Gesualdo, FP Schena:  Activated Coagulation Factor X: a novel mitogenic stimulus for human mesangial cells. J Am Soc Nephrol., 12:891-9, 2001.

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