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Treatment Approach

PhysiatryWashington University Orthopedics physiatrists perform comprehensive evaluations to develop an individualized treatment program for each patient. Treatment may include medications, physical or occupational therapy, bracing, orthotics, or injections. Diagnostics tests such as electromyography are used to diagnose nerve injuries and determine conservative or surgical treatment options. Ultrasound or fluoroscopy, which enables physiatrists to obtain “live” x-ray images during a procedure, can be used to perform diagnostic and therapeutic spine or peripheral joint injections, when necessary. The primary goal of treatment is to reduce pain and improve function.

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Photo courtesy of Saint Louis Ballet "Allegro Brillante" photo by Gigi Weaver

Performing Arts Program

Performing Arts Program

Our program provides dancers, musicians, actors, artists and singers with quality medical treatment in an effective and timely manner. Click here to learn more.